NLG Benefits Us in Many Ways
NLG improves people’s physical and mental well-being through our classes and online / in-person energy transmissions.
NLG remediates the environment through our Weather and Environmental projects.
NLG enhances organic food productivity through our Agriculture/Aquaculture projects.


Receive direct energy health support from an NLG practitioner.Take classes yourself.

Loving Home

Follow the NLG method for developing an intelligent and healthy baby.


Follow the NLG Method to help students excel in academics and sports.


Learn the NLG method to help an infertile couple to conceive an intelligent and healthy, baby.


Learn the NLG Method to produce abundant, organic high-quality foods.


Learn the NLG Method to produce meat, poultry, and fish without hormones and antibiotics.


NLG is a non-profit organization. NLG offers a complementary healthcare method to support the participant’s well-being. NLG practitioners are not licensed physicians.
NLG is not a substitute for medical treatment or medications.
Any NLG services, suggestions, or communications provided should not be taken as a diagnosis or recommendation against the advice of a licensed physician or mental health professional.
NLG Energy Source is not responsible for participants’ medical condition.
To interact with NLG Energy Source is to agree to completely hold harmless and absolutely indemnify NLG Energy Source, NLG personnel, volunteers, and practitioners from any and all liabilities and expenses incurred in relation to any legal actions.

NLG Energy University